Do You Consider This An Example Of Bad Health Advice?

Have you or someone you loved ever received health advice from a doctor that turned out to be wrong? Or, maybe you took advice from a person you know and thought that it was solid when it really wasn’t. What’s even more likely is someone pulling up health advice online and believing everything that is read. I know I often believe too much of what I read online. (2)Let me tell you what happened in the case of my grandmother. I was looking at her prescriptions ¬†one day, and I noticed that there was a barbiturate that she was prescribed. It was supposed to help keep her from having seizures, but at the same time, it wasn’t a good pill to be taking since she had a lung condition. I found this out, and I talked to her and my family about it. She had been going to the same doctor for years and years, and she had been taking that same pill for years and years.

Now, she lived a long time with the disease that she had, a lot longer than her doctor expected, around 20 years. The doctor I’m sure really helped her over the years. Still, it appeared that she really probably no longer needed to be taking that barbiturate for the seizures. After my family talked about it with her, she decided to stop taking it after all.

Was that an example of bad health advice from a doctor and a bad prescription? Well, sometimes there are fine lines as you can see. She was taking that barbiturate to stop seizures, and she did need it when she first started taking it. In our opinions, he should have taken her off of it later on. So in my book, I guess that would be a good example of bad health advice.