Thinking About My Top 3 Beauty Products

I take my beauty products seriously. It takes me a while to find ones that really work with my skin and my time. After several trials, I think I have found and even picked out my top 3 beauty products.

One of the best things in my beauty arsenal is a great black eyeliner. I haven’t found the ideal one yet that is exactly what I want, but I have used some good ones over the years. I like those that are not only easy to apply but also a dark, opaque liquid black liner that can be used to create tiny lines or huge cat eyes. (2)Another things that I need in my beauty arsenal is a good powder. It can be hard to find that ideal powder if you have a medium skintone like I do, but once you do, it’s great. I don’t typically apply full coverage because it can flake on me because of my skin, but I like using it as a primer to set things and to help things like eyeshadows and lips stay on longer. (1)My last favorite is a good powder brush. This is particularly important for medium or large amounts of coverage. I like getting it just in precise areas, so having a good brush that does not shed and does not apply product to places I don’t want it is important to me.

This was fun to think about. It was, however, hard to do because I like a lot of products. Regardless, these are things that I use frequently during a beauty routine (you can check out more products from