Here are Top 3 Money-Related Errors People in their 30s Usually Make

We will never stop making mistakes. No matter how learned, experience, or old we get, we will always commit errors as we go along through life. This is especially true when it comes to money management.

In our 30s, we are expected to be wiser in handling finances. In order for us to change our habits to good ones, here are some identified errors that people in their 30s commonly make:

  • Buying unnecessary things for your children

Of course, as parents we only want the best for your children. However, going the extra mile and spending lavishly on your kids is not smart at all. Little kids are innocent and are not necessarily critical with the brand of clothing they wear, or the amount of toys they have at home. They should only be supplied with basic necessities including food, shelter, education, and healthcare. If you want to spend on your kids, why not open a college fund instead?

  • Getting married without preparation

Money has always been a major source of conflict among married couples. Before getting married, it is best to discuss your financial situation with your future spouse. It’s never an easy task to talk about money with your loved one- especially if you earn less than him or her. But being honest with your financial situation you will be more than motivated to work harder so you and your family have more than what they need in the future.

  • Consumer debt

Those who still owe banks and other lenders money will always have an excuse for their predicament. Instead of making excuses, our existing debt or loans should motivate you to work hard and budget your money wisely too! If you decide to ignore the debt altogether, your problem with money will never end.

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