Why Life Insurance is Crucial for Raising a Family

When you’re raising a family, there’s nothing that you want to think about less than what would happen if you and your spouse were to die in a car accident. I know that I had never thought about this possibility, at least not until my brother and his wife got into a wreck on the interstate. He was driving, and he died instantly – thrown through the windshield because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He always was a reckless one. His wife might have been okay, but she slipped into a coma, and she had a do not resuscitate order, so she ended up passing away too.

I still think about what might have happened if my brother had worn his seatbelt that day, but at least he had a life insurance plan. His life insurance plan allowed us to set up a trust fund for his kids, which meant that we could take care of them without an additional financial burden, and that they would have money to pay for their college expenses when that time came. I quickly took out an insurance plan for myself (thanks to Life Shield HQ), so that my kids would have the same security if lightning did in fact strike twice.